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MCO Home MH-4936 800 Series Z-Wave Battery Powered Heat Pump/Regular AC Thermostat

MCO Home MH-4936 800 Series Z-Wave Battery Powered Heat Pump/Regular AC Thermostat

MCO Home
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Product Details:

MH4936 thermostat is used to control up to 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of the cooling system with 8 types of the control system, EM heat activation, adjustable compressor delay time, and O/B changeover. With quick connecting terminals to save installer’s time. Support S2 function. 


       * Application range: gas/fuel boiler, electric heating, water heating, heat pump etc. 8 types of control systems.

       * Z-Wave 800 series supports S2 encryption function 

       * Touch button operation interaction

       * Simpler way to connect wires without screwdriver.


    Power Supply: AC/DC24V or 4*AA dry battery

    Self-Consumption: <1W

    Resistive Load:<1A

    Temp. Setting Range:10~37℃


    Outcase: tempering glass +PC+ABS

    Thermistor: NTC thermistor

    Wire Connection: Terminal


    Installation:60.3mm hole pitch

    Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42MHz(US) 


    Use the MH-4936 with any certified Z-Wave gateway for simple temperature control (see limitations below):

    - 2GIG Z-Wave alarm panels, (missing humidity reading)  

    - Vera, (missing humidity reading and fan control)

    - SmartThings, (missing humidity reading)'

    - Fibaro Home Center Lite, Z-Box, (no advanced parameters option available) 

    - EzloPlus, Ezlo Atom2, Ezlo PlugHub2, (missing fan control)

    - Hubitat (supported all functions and settings)


    Download the manual for MH-4936 here.

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