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Zooz DIY Kidde Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
Zooz DIY Kidde Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
Zooz DIY Kidde Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
Zooz DIY Kidde Smart Smoke Alarm Kit

Zooz DIY Kidde Smart Smoke Alarm Kit

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Zooz DIY Kidde Smart Smoke Alarm Kit is a simple solution for smart monitoring of existing smoke alarms to make life easier and safer. Just connect the 3 pigtail wires to the last smoke alarm in the series, add the Zooz relay to your Z-Wave hub, and receive status notifications in the app whenever any of your smoke alarms is triggered. Make sure your detectors are interconnected. Click here for step-by-step installation instructions.



This small 700 series Z-Wave relay is perfect for 120 V signal monitoring. It will send an on report to your hub whenever the smoke alarm is triggered and will turn back off when the alarm is cleared. You won't control it other than to set it in the off position right after installation.

Optionally, you can connect a 120 V or a dry contact load to be triggered by the ZEN51 relay anytime the alarm goes off. It could be a strobing light or an outdoor siren to boost the alert. This device is not equipped with battery back-up so it will not function during a power failure.
Find out more about the Zooz 700 Series ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay

he Kidde module reads the smoke alarm interconnect signal and activates the ZEN51 relay to send a Z-Wave report to your hub, making all of your smoke detectors at home smarter and safer. 
Please make sure you read the user manual for the device including all safety warnings. It is recommended that a licensed electrician performs the installation.

Wiring diagram for the Zooz | Kidde Smart Smoke Alarm DIY Kit


  • Analog interconnected smoke detectors required (sold separately) - this kit is only to translate the signal from your existing alarms to Z-Wave.
  • Use with any standard interconnect smoke alarms (not limited to the Kidde brand).
  • Always turn off the power at the breaker before handling the wiring, this is a 120 V high-voltage installation.
  • We've done some of the work for you, all you need to do is connect the Kidde module to your detector. Connect the black pigtail to power (line), white pigtail to neutral, and orange pigtail to the alarm output - make sure you identified the wires on your detector correctly before the installation, never follow the colors of the wires blindly.
  • When adding the ZEN51 relay to your hub, you may need to scan the QR code or enter the PIN code located on the back of the relay (if your system supports SmartStart). Read more about adding the device to your hub here.
  • Once the ZEN51 relay is added, it will display as a Z-Wave switch or on/off device. Make sure you turn it OFF in the interface before testing it.
  • Test the detector's alarm (follow the instructions for your unit) to see if the status of the relay changes to ON in your hub's interface once the alarm goes off. Remember to warn your family members or roommates when testing this!
  • Always turn the power off when securing the module kit and the detector back in the electrical box.
  • You'll need to create an automation in your hub for a notification to be sent to your phone or email once the status on the relay changes to ON so you can immediately know if the alarm is triggered.


    • Ezlo Plus
    • Ezlo Secure
    • Fibaro Home Center Lite
    • Home Assistant (JS Z-Wave Integration)
    • HomeSeer
    • Hubitat (change device type to Generic Z-Wave Plus Switch manually)
    • SmartThings Hub (custom device handler needed to access advanced settings, coming soon)
    • Vera

      • NOTE: If you don't see your Z-Wave controller on the list above, please contact us before you purchase this kit.

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